20 Week Ultrasound

One week ago AC and I met up at my doctor’s office to get my 20 week ultrasound. We finally were able to get to see our little baby again after not having an ultrasound since at 7 weeks. This ultrasound tech was much more thorough than I remember Adeline’s being, which was great but also made me nervous that something could be wrong. Especially after she had me undress for a vaginal ultrasound! I did not remember having to do that with Adeline. Thankfully, everything was normal and developing beautifully though. Apparently they just have you do that to check your cervix. But the heart, blood flow and everything was all perfect. Our little baby was even moving around a lot and had the hiccups! Too cute! And then, even though AC and I were both positive it was going to be a boy this time, we found out we are having another little girl! We are both extremely happy that Adeline will have a sister to grow up with and go through life with ❤

I still continue to receive weekly progesterone shots in my arm. They are very painful and burn for awhile afterwards but they up this baby making it closer to full term by 40%. I will have another ultrasound in 7 weeks to make sure my cervix isn’t shortening as I will be about 29 weeks at that point, which is when Adeline decided to be born.


Catching up: June & July

20190605_184947.jpgSorry I haven’t posted since May! I had no idea it was that long ago. I have been keeping up reading everyone else’s blog posts but failed to update mine. So here is what has been happening so far!

The very beginning of June, we celebrated Adeline’s 2nd birthday! It went much smoother than her 1st. We definitely learned some valuable lessons from the first one, like not choosing a venue an hour away from home just to make it easier on everyone else! That was the biggest problem we faced last year. This year we chose a nearby park that is under 10 min from our house and everything came together much more easily. We had a really good turn out of friends and family who came, despite the distance they had to drive. And even though it was calling for heavy rain and thunderstorms all weekend, it was a gorgeous sunny day for her birthday at the park!


Adeline has become a pro at blowing out birthday candles since she got a mini cake on her actual birthday plus another cake at her birthday party!

Also in June, Adeline had her 2 year development check that she is required to have every 6 months do to her being a preemie born almost 3 months early. She now weighs 21 lbs and has tested in every category at 24 months or higher! This means she got to officially graduated from needing these checks now that she has caught up! So proud of her.

AC set up a big play house for Adeline in our backyard from my parents. She immediately loved it! We also decided that would be the day to announce to everyone that Adeline would be a big sister in December since I was already 13 weeks.


June has been quite a busy month actually, we also got to take Adeline to the aquarium! She loved seeing all of the fish swimming around and the guy wearing a turtle costume. She was afraid of some of the noises and sounds they played in some areas but overall seemed to really enjoy it! We will definitely be back since a family membership was one of her birthday gifts from AC’s awesome sister! (who by the way, is having her first baby just 3 weeks after I am due!)

For the 4th of July, we chose to stay inside and just have a low key day.

IMG_20190615_210557_788That weekend right before it, we had gone with all of AC’s family to a Lavender Festival and after being in the hot sun for several hours I thought I was going to pass out. 

I was ok once out of the sun and drinking more water, but the whole drive home and for the rest of the evening I had some cramping. After having Adeline so early I was pretty scared that I might have over done it and triggered labor. Thankfully that didn’t happen and though they did last for hours, they didn’t get worse, pain wise. At my next doctors appointment last Tuesday Dr. C said it was probably due to dehydration and to just be careful. I was 16 weeks at that appointment (17 currently). I got to hear the baby’s heartbeat again by Doppler. Still no ultrasound since 7 weeks! grr. Anyway, all was well with the baby though, thankfully and I got more blood draw for the quad tests. This appointment was also the start of my weekly progesterone shots. I got my first one in the back of my left arm, it actually didn’t hurt going in, for being such a thick shot. But it quickly started hurting right after, feeling like I had been pinched pretty badly. Then it got progressively worse and remained sore until about Friday. It is going to be rough getting these every single Tuesday until I am 36 weeks!





20190516_104211This time last week Adeline and I were in Daytona Beach, Florida! And spent a day in Orlando too. She and I drove up to my parents house last Monday night after work so that my mom, Adeline and I could fly out together Tuesday morning. It was Adeline’s very first flight! We had to


sneak this trip in quickly because Adeline turns 2 years old in June and would no longer fly free after that. She actually did a pretty great job on her first flight, no crying at least! She was enjoying watching us take off out the window until the engines got very loud. That scared her a bit but after being held tight she went to sleep! She slept a good chunk of the time thankfully, because once she was awake she kept kicking the seat in front of her. Which I am sure the person in front of us did not appreciate! Luckily the flight was under 2 hours so it wasn’t too bad and she really did do a great job.

We flew into Orlando, Florida, picked up our rental car and were off to hang out in Disney Springs for a few hours before checking into our hotel in Daytona Beach. I love Disney Springs, AC and I have been there at least twice together. It made me bummed that he wasn’t on this trip with us. Adeline loved seeing all of the Disney character’s in the old part of Disney Springs, and the Dinosaur restaurant and the lego store.


She actually seemed to like all the water fountains the most. Go figure :p The main reason for the trip was to visit my grandpa, my mom’s dad, who turned 90 years old last Thursday! He is in a nursing home and not doing the best so it was nice that some of his kids, grand kids, and great grand children were able to travel in and be with him for his birthday. I am not sure he even knew who I was but he really enjoyed visiting with Adeline and meeting her for the first time. The rest of out trip was spent visiting with all of my mom’s siblings and cousins, going to fun restaurants, playing on the beach, and site seeing a little. Then on our last day we visited Disney Springs on our way out to get some souvenirs and walk around for a couple of hours before our flight. Overall, it was a great trip and I am glad we were able to go and spend that time with my mom and be there for my grandpa on his birthday. I wish the trip was longer, it went by way too fast! 20190514_195101



1st Ultrasound and a High Risk Pregnancy

20190507_080406.jpgThis week was a busy week for doctor appointments. First, Adeline had a hearing test on Tuesday morning. She refused to cooperate on her last appointment so this one was to make up for that one now that she is almost 2 years old. I still can’t believe she will be 2 in less than a month!! I believe she will continually have an annual hearing test like this until she is 5 years old because of the risk from one of the medicines she was administered when she was in the NICU. Anyway, she thankfully passed her hearing test with flying colors and sat still and cooperated much better this time around. The tech administering the test was smart and was distracting Adeline from the ear pieces in her ears by blowing bubbles.

Then Wednesday morning was my very 1st ultrasound for baby #2! I was nervous but I love Dr. P and knew I was in good hands at the specialists. Luckily, right away there was a strong heartbeat at 147 bpm and a tiny little peanut on the screen! It measured at 7 weeks and 4 days, which is right on track. Dr. P also informed me that I was being released back into the care of my regular ob for all future appointments. She thinks I am ready and will be in good hands. She also said that I am to stop my progesterone inserts by Saturday…I was not prepared for that one, it seems so soon! I am very scared about this and really hope my body will be able to pick up the slack and is producing enough progesterone on its own. I guess I just have to trust that it is, I didn’t have a problem with low progesterone with Adeline in the beginning and I only have to go until week 14 without before I start on the progesterone weekly shots. I guess that is when we are switching gears and trying to prevent early labor. So I suppose I should just try and enjoy the few weeks where I am not on progesterone rather than worry. Hopefully this little babe will cook to full term and I will actually get to experience a 3rd trimester this time around! 20190508_111147_1557330718209_1557492025088

One and a Half Years

As I was looking back on my previous blogs I wanted to find out just how long it took AC and I to conceive this miracle baby #2. It was a year and a half! Adeline was only 5 months old when I started blogging about AC and I deciding to start trying for baby #2 since we knew it would take a long time. That was back in Nov 2017! I am actually greatly relieved it didn’t work out all those many many months of trying because frankly, it would not have been safe for me or the baby. I didn’t know it at the time but after having a premature baby born at 28 full weeks, we were not supposed to start trying for another baby until Adeline reached 18 months at the earliest or it could put the new baby and myself in danger and very high risk of an even earlier preterm baby or miscarriage. My body was not healed yet from being put through something so dramatic.  Adeline is 22 months now, so we are in a much safer place to be having a healthy pregnancy and giving this baby a much safer journey as it grows. I am thankful for God’s timing, which is way better than my own.

Bluebells and a BFP!

This past weekend my little munchkin and I went to visit my parents in Northern VA and to see my brother, as it was his birthday this Tuesday. My brother brought over his 2 kids with him so Adeline got to enjoy playing with her cousins all weekend! This is only the 2nd time she has gotten to meet them so I was very happy it worked out. My brother has a daughter who is 2 years older than Adeline and a son who is 7 years old. They all played along really well and it was so much fun watching them run around outside together and all go down to the creek to throw rocks. And then on Sunday, my mom, sister, Adeline and I went to go see the bluebells! It was so exciting that my brother’s birthday coincid20190414_142339.jpged with the bluebells being in bloom this year!! It is such a beautiful site to see and I hope to make it an annual tradition.  

When we got back home from my parents, I decided I couldn’t wait until Tuesday to take a pregnancy test and hoped it would be late enough that I wouldn’t get a false positive. It was 12dpo rather than 14 but I figured that was close enough. And I guess I figured right because I got a pretty dark 2nd line!! I took a digital test on Monday just to be extra sure and it read out pregnant too! So yesterday, my 14dpo I went and got my 1st beta blood test done on my lunch break from work. I think they forgot to call me, so I called them today for the results. My 1st beta was 337 and my progesterone level was a 22! I am on progesterone inserts so I guess they are doing a good job. I will continue to take them as well as my Metformin from here on out. And prenatals of course.


My 2nd beta will be on Monday and as long as my numbers double I should be getting my 1st ultrasound for baby #2 very soon!! I guess my doctor wasn’t kidding when she said Letrozole worked so much better than Clomid. I hope this little one sticks and that we are well on our way to getting Adeline a sibling! This time around I know how risky a pregnancy with PCOS can be so we are waiting until at least 12 weeks to announce this pregnancy. With Adeline we told family at 5 weeks because it was Christmas time and we couldn’t wait. I am glad things worked out well with that one even though I went into early labor. Dr. P is going to work extremely hard to prevent a miscarriage and preterm labor with this little one. ❤IMG-7b5bcb301264a9a6d5f2b2fd4c8f955f-V

22 Months

20190329_180707While I am in my 2 week wait, I thought I would take the time to share an update about my little one. She is 22 months now, I cannot believe how close we are already to her 2nd birthday! Which I haven’t even begun to plan as I am throwing my best friend a baby shower at the end of this month so I am focusing all of my attention on that before switching over to her birthday party. Anyway, Adeline is 20 lbs and wears size 12 month clothes (she is still a very petite little nugget). She just moved into size 4 diapers. She has the tiniest feet, 12-18 month baby




shoes/ 3.5 toddler shoes. Tiny toddler shoes are incredibly hard to find, by the way, but because she is running all over the place she needs shoes that have real soles on them, not the cloth baby ones. For those interested, I have found that H&M has the widest selection of tiny shoes with real soles, better than Carters and Osh Kosh in my opinion. I think she has about 9+ teeth right now. More and more are coming in everyday! All of her back molars are popping in currently. She doesn’t really talk in sentences yet but says many many words and is learning new ones everyday. She knows animal sounds, shapes, and a color here and there. She is so smart! Our neighbors have chickens, which she loves to visit! She loves all animals really and gets along for the most part with our 2 pitbull dogs. She loves bossing them around! Another passion of hers is watching the Super Simple videos on Amazon and Youtube. She is becoming a little addicted so we are having to start limiting her screen time. She also loves being read too though and is quick to grab a new book to bring to us. Her other favorite thing is playing outside, doesn’t matter what we are doing as long as she is out in the fresh air. She is down for a hike in the woods, going to a playground (she just conquered her fear of the slide), running in the backyard, or just watching me garden. We love her so much and I really hope that we can give her a sibling to have adventures with.

Fast Paced!

Yesterday was my 1st Ultrasound for my monitored cycle on Letrozole. I was on cd11 so I wasn’t expecting much to be happening for another week but I actually have 1 follicle that is measuring at 15mm and a smaller one at 12mm. So Letrozole is definitely working for me! 18mm is the ideal size we are waiting for and Dr. C said it should be growing about 2mm each day at this point in my cycle. We are banking on this 15mm one because the 12mm will probably not be big enough in time, but you never know. So I am to do my trigger shot on Saturday night, cd13! On Clomid I don’t ovulate until cd18 or 19 so I am really surprised and caught off guard with how quick paced everything is happening on Letrozole. Apparently a nurse wont be doing my trigger shot for me, maybe because it is happening on a weekend? Either way, I will be having AC inject me. I don’t think I am brave enough to give myself a shot just yet. After this, Sunday and Monday is go time and then Tuesday I have to start inserting the progesterone. Dr. C said she would rather we not wait until I am pregnant to start these and have to risk playing catch up with me producing too low levels of progesterone on my own and risk having a miscarriage essentially. So I will be starting them right away just as a precaution. Then finally in 2 weeks I will take a at home pregnancy test and see if this 1st monitored cycle with Letrozole was a success or not! I still can’t believe all of this is happening this weekend! Adeline could be getting a sibling in no time!

Small Updates

20190224_162917_1551052918424IMG_20190224_210005_679Hey Guys! So just some quick updates. Tomorrow I will be cd3 and will start Letrozole. I had to take progesterone to restart my cycle, of course. I cheated and took it starting on cd30 rather than cd35. Hopefully that doesn’t effect anything…I will be starting with 2 pills of letrozole rather than just one as Dr. P said she wanted to start me off with a medium dose to give it a fair shot. Hopefully it will work a lot better than Clomid. I will go in next Thursday on cd11 to then get an ultrasound to see what kind of follicles we are working with and what sizes they are. I am sure I wont be ready for a trigger shot at that point, as I never have ovulated before cd 18 but who knows. I am glad to finally begin this new journey/cycle though! Wish me luck and hopefully no bad symptoms with Letrozole!

Spending Valentine’s Day at the Specialist’s

I know it has been awhile since my last update but it took some time before I could get back into finally seeing the specialist and actually having an update for sharing. Yesterday was my 1st appointment back at the specialist’s to see my old RE that I had met with just before getting pregnant with Adeline. I love Dr. P, she is the sweetest and most personable doctor. My appointment actually went very well! She really knows how to put my mind at ease and lift my spirits.

Dr. P said because I was able to get pregnant with Adeline without too much intervention, she didn’t see the need for me to get a hysteroscopy or for AC to need a sperm analysis. She went so far as to say she didn’t see my needing an iui or ivf in the future either! I hope she isn’t building me up too much for this all to come crashing down, but I am excited about all of this again!

My new plan of action is 1st, to just call back in 10 days to make sure all of my test results came back normal. I had to give 7 vials of blood at my appointment yesterday. Once that clears, I wait for cycle day 1 to roll back around. Unfortunately, I am only on cd7 today so it is going to  be a long wait! And I am sure I will need progesterone to get it to restart too, but what else is new. Anyway, I will call on cd1 and schedule an ultrasound for around cd10 or so, I can’t remember. And on cd 3, I will begin taking 2 pills of letrozole at night for 5 nights. This will be my first time with Letrozole but my doctor thinks it is going to be a lot better for me than Clomid was. I hope so! Dr. P is going to give me a mid range dose rather than starting at a low dose. Then during my ultrasound they will measure my follicle sizes and once they get one that is big enough, I will do a trigger shot to induce ovulation and then hopefully in 2 weeks I will be pregnant. I am so excited to finally be having a monitored cycle and to actually see how my body is responding to the Letrozole and what sizes my follicles are. I have never had a monitored cycle before so I am heading into some new territory here but I am trying to stay optimistic with all of this.

More new and better things about this cycle, thanks to being at a specialist vs my regular obgyn, if I do get pregnant, I will immediately start progesterone vaginally to help me from miscarrying. PCOS ups my chances significantly for a miscarriage so I am very pleased that Dr. P is going to be so proactive rather than wait until week 14 to start progesterone shots like my regular obgyn was going to do. I will still switch over to the shots regardless though to help prevent early delivery again since Adeline was born at 29 weeks/28 full weeks. Thanks PCOS for all of these stressors! But I am so excited and hopeful with this new plan of attack. I can see Adeline getting a sibling so much more clearly now! Wish me luck!

Oh and I hope you all had a Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy the random pictures of Adeline, I promise I will do an update on her soon, as she is 20 months now! I cannot believe it! And how cute is her first little pony tail?! She is getting to be such a big girl ❤IMG-a211b6a99e1521016c85ff0df654eb7d-V.jpg