Easter, 10 Months and Clomid Round 2

Easter5_1522616324888Easter this year was spent in Colonial Williamsburg. It has become our tradition every Easter to drive the couple of hours in on the morning of and get brunch with both my parents and AC’s parents and then whatever siblings of ours that are available to make the trip. This year my sister joined us and AC’s sister and her now husband came. AC’s mom was sick with the flu and couldn’t make it and his dad stayed in the DC area to be near his father who had caught the flu and then it went into pneumonia and was the reason for Adam’s sister’s early little wedding ceremony that I posted about on my last blog. He sadly just passed away this Wednesday and we will be going to his viewing on Sunday. He was an amazing man who lived to be 97 and outlived 3 wives!

20180401_141110But back to Easter, we all met up for brunch at a little hole in the wall place and caught up with each other and then walked around CW for awhile. The weather was perfect for once, not too hot or too cold. Some of the flowers had even started to bloom and the sheep were out walking around. Unfortunately Adeline was asleep at this point and missed out on seeing them. She did wake up to see the horse drawn carriages go by though. She was not that impressed, little stinker.

On April 5th Adeline turned 10 months old! No longer in the single digits and dangerously close to 1 years old! I know I keep saying this, but time really does fly by so fast when you have a baby. It’s like you blink and they are grown. She had her very last RSV immunization shot this Tuesday, I am so glad those are done. It is heartbreaking seeing her cry each time. Then yesterday she had her 9 months checkup, I know I am very behind! For some reason I didn’t know she was supposed to get a checkup at 9 months and completely missed the boat until I was told about it when I had brought her in when she was sick. (thankfully she is well now!) Anyway, Adeline is 13 lbs, which puts her, even at her adjusted age of 7 1/2 months developed, in the 2nd percentile for weight and 4th for height. My baby is tiny! I was a bit concerned by this but knew it was coming as she still wears some 3 month clothes and is in size 1 diapers at 10 months old. The doctor said part of it, aside from her being a preemie, was probably genetic. Both AC and I are not tall people. She suggested we start feeding her 3 meals of her baby food a day to see if that helps with her growth though. And to start giving her eggs and peanut butter to try and other things like that.


I am just thankful she didn’t say Adeline was Failure to Thrive because despite her small size, developmentally she is doing amazing and not that far behind a regular 10 month old! We discovered just last night that when holding our hands, she can walk! She is moving her feet along and everything! We were so surprised! She stands on her own if she holds onto something so it’s probably not going to be long before she puts 2 and 2 together and is shuffling around while clinging to the furniture. Another big development this month is that Adeline has her 2 front bottom teeth coming in! They have only just broke the surface but they are out. I am thankful they don’t seem to be causing her any real pain yet either.

In my TTC news, I finished my 5 pills of 50mg of Clomid a week ago and have been testing for ovulation ever since. I took them on CD5 to CD10. I have been getting the flashing smiley face on the ClearBlue OPK tests but not the solid smiley face indicating it’s here yet even though it’s detecting something. I am on CD17 today so it better come this weekend! I only have 3 tests left before I have to go spend $40 on another kit, ugh! I have also been getting pretty bad headaches this time around but thankfully not the Clomid Crazies like last month. I know AC is relieved! 😛 Fingers crossed I ovulate soon. Adeline needs a sibling!



Clomid Round 1 Ending and a Wedding

Well this first round back on Clomid was a huge bust. I didn’t even ovulate so there was zero chance of us getting pregnant this time. I read back on my previous blog posts about the very 1st time I started Clomid and the same thing happened then too, no ovulation. So I imagine I just need a few rounds for it to get in my system and work properly. It took 3 cycles last time to get pregnant with Adeline but I am hoping it will work on my 2nd try this time. I guess we will see soon, I just started progesterone again last night on my CD 26. I was going to take it on CD 25 but I was unaware that my doctor did not give me any refills of progesterone, only the Clomid, so I had to wait a day for my pharmacy to reach out to my doctor and get a new prescription faxed over. Hopefully this doesn’t mess anything up, but I don’t think it will.

On a fun note, this past weekend my sister in law had a special little wedding ceremony so that her granddad could be a part of it. Her big wedding is in May, where Adeline will be a flower girl, but her grandad is 97 and not doing so well health wise so to ensure that he would be a part of it, they had this ceremony for him. So sweet. It was very small and intimate, just the immediate family on both sides. And then we all went out to lunch afterwards to celebrate with the newly wed couple. This Saturday is AC’s 32 birthday on St. Patrick’s Day so we are going to a Brewery to celebrate, there better be green beer! Then on Monday Adeline is starting a new daycare. I am very nervous about this as it is a real daycare with 18 kids all in one room ages 5 months to 4 years old. She was only one of 5 kids at her babysitter’s but unfortunately since AC wmay21 (1 of 1)-74_1521216484668_1521229173115ent back to his old job and this babysitter is an hours drive from both of our jobs and just not practical. I hope she adjusts well to this new place and it is a good fit, but I am hesitant about kids of all ages sharing the same space. I don’t want her to get run over or ignored. I will keep you posted!

Random Adeline development: this past weekend Adeline started saying Da da da da, AC was thrilled and then this week she started saying Ma ma ma! I know they aren’t the real words yet, just sounds, but I love it ❤
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9 Months

tmp_2018030411101487342Yesterday marked Adeline turning 9 Months old! She is getting closer and closer to a year old, time needs to slow down. Adeline is 12 lbs and 6 oz. She can sit independently now, which we are so proud! She is almost army crawling too, she is making new developments so fast now! She gets on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth. She still loves all fruits and veggies but isn’t a fan of yogurt or pureed mac and cheese. She does love pureed chicken though, go figure! She is still in size 1 diapers, which I am thankful for because we have so many boxes of them! She is also still wearing size 3 month clothes but has moved into 6 month pjs as she is too tall for the 3 month ones. She loves babbling back and forth to AC and I and really loves blowing raspberries in our faces…yeah she is a slobbery mess but so adorable. This past month AC, my sister and best friend all took Adeline to the beach where AC is stationed. It was actually 77 degrees out that day in winter! Even though the weather was warm the water was icy cold though. We stuck Adeline’s feet in the water, she was not too happy about that! But she really did enjoy the sand. She has her next RSV immunization next Tuesday and I am hoping it will be her last one. It just depends on if the RSV season ends this month or not but here’s hoping! She is actually starting to tolerate them better though, she will cry initially after the shot but she doesn’t seem to feel bad for the entire rest of the day anymore thankfully. That was hard to watch her go through. This Saturday AC’s sister will be getting married, a little ceremony for their grandpa who caught the flu and isn’t doing well, and then has her big ceremony with everyone will be in May. Adeline is going to be the flower girl in the May wedding but will still dress up and look cute for this little March ceremony. I guess it will be good practice to see how she does. Pictures of that coming soon!FB_IMG_1519574454015_1519577915187

Clomid Crazies

I don’t know how many people on Clomid experience the Clomid Crazies but I do every time and it is the worst! The last time I was on Clomid while trying for Adeline I had the headaches and hot flashes and the moodiness but it just feels so much worse and more intense this time around. This is my 1st cycle back on Clomid and already I feel like my crazy level is at an 11. I intentionally look for reasons to lash out at AC and pick fights with him and I am aware I’m doing it and can’t seem to stop myself! I feel really bad about it. And then I randomly start crying at my desk at work for no reason! It’s just the worst. The only plus this time is I didn’t get the hot flashes this cycle. Anyone else on Clomid and experience the Clomid Crazies? What do you do to help it? I am really struggling and feel awful for AC who has to endure it. It gets to its peak on the day I ovulate, that day I have usually picked a really bad fight and then it’s hard to be in the mood to try for a baby! lol ugh I don’t know what to do with myself. I should be ovulating sometime between Wednesday and Friday, lets hope AC and I make it out alive!

My Birthday and Adeline’s 1st Cold

This Sunday was my 31st birthday! It was pretty great. AC made me a scrambled eggs and toast breakfast then we went to my favorite place, the Botanical Gardens for a walk. It was so sweet, once we arrived there and got Adeline in her stroller, he surprised me with a big picnic basket! We were going to enjoy a picnic lunch amongst the beautiful flowers and lake. AC is not usually the romantic so I was really caught off guard and so happy! It was a bit chilly and 50 degrees but for February, I’ll take it. After walking about a mile and a half we found the perfect spot to lay our blanket down and have lunch. We enjoyed chicken salad sandwiches with macaroni salad and white wine! AC then brought out a huge chocolate and peanut butter cupcake for us to split, it was delicious! I could not have asked for a better birthday! Until nighttime rolled around anyway…

As the day went on AC and I noticed that Adeline was getting crankier and was sneezing and coughing which would also make her nose run. Poor baby. We kind of knew this was coming as AC was just getting over the same thing. I am so sad that Adeline caught it though! It could definitely be worse at the same time, at least it’s not the flu and no fever. We have saline drops, Tylenol, and a humidifier to get her through this. I am hoping she will get better fast, but she has never been sick before so I am not sure. As unhappy as she was yesterday night, this morning she was her smiley happy self despite the drippy nose and cough so I went to work while AC stayed home with her since he had Presidents Day off already and I didn’t. I hate not being there for her but I trust she is in good hands. AC is a combat medic after all, that should help a little.

Also last night I got my period so I will be starting Clomid tomorrow on day 3! It was only the 1st night of being done with my Progesterone so I am surprised it came so fast. I can’t believe we are finally here again! I really hope this 1st round works instead of the 3rd like last time. Fingers crossed!

8 Months, a Birthday, and an Eye Exam

Well there goes another month! Adeline is 8 months old now and I am guessing around 12 pounds at this point. She can sit on her own now unsupported for quite awhile! We are so proud. She is loving all puree foods, the only one she doesn’t like are peas, which I don’t blame her, I hate peas too! But AC mixed some in with some sweet potatoes and she ate the peas without knowing. Parenting at it’s finest 😉 She is still in size 1 diapers and size 3 month clothes. Although I think she will be moving into 3-6 month pajamas soon as she is getting pretty tall for the 0-3 ones. This month I feel like she looks so much bigger and more grown than in her 7 month photos. Time really does go by so fast.


Friday Adeline had another Eye Exam to check how things are developing and to watch out for ROP. This is the first appointment where they didn’t have to dig around in her eyes with scary metal tools. I am so thankful we are past that point! Also, the doctor said her eyes are now looking like normal baby eyes! They have caught up to were they should be and we are out of the woods for her having ROP!!!! We are so happy! She wont need to get her eyes checked again for another year and then after that, just pediatrician appointments! That was such great news. Then this Saturday we all went to one of our friend’s house to celebrate their daughters 1st Birthday. She is the first of our friend group of about 6 babies to turn one, so many more 1st birthdays to come this year. Adeline is actually the next one to turn one of the group! I know it is way too soon, but I’ve already been brainstorming ideas for themes and what she will wear. All of our friends with children Adeline’s age actually live about an hour to an hour and a half away from us. We had to move away when AC decided to work on his college degree and the school he chose was out of the area. He dropped out/took a break when we found out we finally were pregnant with Adeline and he still wants to go back one day but we are looking into being able to move back closer to our friends and family. AC can get the degree he wants by taking online classes and I think that will be a better fit for him and us. It is very isolating being the only ones far away from everyone on a daily basis and we miss out on a lot. So it will be interesting to see where we are in a few months.

On the TTC front, since I didn’t ovulate last month, my cycle hasn’t started over either and I am now 12 days late. I contacted my doctor about all of this and she finally agreed to let me back on Clomid! I had to start progesterone first to get things moving and hopefully that’ll work and then it’s onward to round one of Clomid!


7 Months

Ok I am dangerously close to being a month behind here. Thankfully I am posting this before Adeline turns 8 months. She has grown so much this month and is really coming into her own. She absolutely loves standing (supported), if someone is holding her for awhile she will sometimes even get upset that she isn’t able to be standing. She has very strong legs. She is also getting closer and closer to being able to sit without support, I think by the end of next month she will be there. She is also really good at getting around even though she can’t crawl. She will kick her legs while on her back and propel herself around.

Adeline is now 11 pounds and some change and wearing size 3 months in clothes. She has tiny feet however and still can fit into newborn little shoes, the 0 to 3 months are too loose. She is starting to enjoy toys now, especially anything that makes noise or lights up but kicking things is her favorite! ha! she is a riot.

She has tried several different purees now, including; green beans, carrots, bananas, apples, mangoes, and pears oh and sweet potatoes which she hated. She loved the mangoes and peaches, of course she would like the very sweet ones 😛 She loved the mangoes so much she was licking the puree that spilled out of her mouth right off of her bib! AC tried to make a apples and carrots puree himself to feed her to save on money…Yeah, Adeline hated it so much she started gaging and made herself vomit. I am not sure if it was a texture thing since it was a little more chunky than she was used to or what.

She has also discovered her feet this month finally! She loves to grab them and try and suck on her socks. I think this had taken her so long to discover because we were always holding her or having her seated, she needs way more tummy time and time laying down. One other cool thing that Adeline has started to do this month is that she has began babbling, she loves holding a conversation with anyone who will listen. It’s just sounds but it is so cute.

So this is month 3 of TTC and I was supposed to ovulate last week but nothing has happened. It’s really starting to look like this is going to be another uphill battle to have a sibling for Adeline.

Hopefully I will get Month 8 posted on time! But with work getting extremely busy, it isn’t likely. I can’t believe it’s almost February!

Adeline’s 1st Chirstmas

20171225_075256_1514218362138Adeline’s first Christmas was pretty low key. AC was not able to get off of work on the 26th and didn’t want to have to have a 4 hour drive back home on Christmas Day from my parents house. So we stayed home this year and just celebrated Christmas as a little family of 3. I was pretty upset at first about not getting to see my grandpa and aunts and uncles but being just the 3 of us and enjoying our time together was actually pretty nice. I woke at 7am, AC and Adeline had been awake for probably an hour by then so we gathered around the tree and opened presents at that time, after I made some coffee of course). Adeline got lots of new pajamas, some spoons, a doll that used to be mine with a new dress I made for it, and an activity set. AC got me some perfume that I love, a dress, and best of all he somehow managed to snag me one of those Classic Super Nintendo mini consoles that comes with about 20 different games in it all from my childhood! I got AC a panini maker, a coffee grinder and some bottle caps from his favorite video game Fallout.

Then AC made me some scrambled eggs and I attempted some pancakes, I am slowly getting better. They are starting to not all be burnt and odd shaped 😛 During and after breakfast we watched Home Alone, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and A Christmas Story while relaxing and playing with Adeline. For dinner we got Chinese! Our favorite place, Yumi Yumi was actually closed so we had to find a new place to try which turned out to be pretty good. All in all, it was a very nice intimate little Christmas. Oh and on Christmas Eve AC read Adeline Twas the Night Before Christmas, it was so sweet! I hope every one had a great Christmas and has a Happy New Year!

6 Months, Merry Christmas!

Work has been insanely busy these last few weeks so I am extremely behind in posting  about Adeline turning 6 months old! She had her 6th month check up the following day and weighs 10 pounds 9 oz and is 23 in tall. The doctor was very impressed with how strong her legs are, as she loves to stand assisted all of the time. She needs to see what is going on around her at all times. The girl is a busy body lol. Adeline loves to laugh now, it is hilarious once she gets going! Another new thing this month is that she finally is actually eating baby purees without pushing it right back out of her mouth. Well so far it’s only been green beans that she has eaten, she is not a fan of the gritty texture of the rice cereal. Adeline also had to get the first of many RSV immunizations this month, that was not fun. It is a very thick shot and she has to get one every single month until flu season ends since she is a premie and at high risk. RSV is kind of like the flu on steroids, she would be fighting to breath if she catches it, so hopefully these shots prevent that. It never fails that after she has recieved a shot in the morning she is fine until about 1pm- 2pm and then she is crying in pain non stop. It’s awful! Thank goodness for tylenol, which she isn’t allowed to have until at least 4 or 5pm but once she gets it, life is so much better.

Adeline also got to meet Santa not once but twice already! We had to reschedule Busch Gardens Christmas Town because it was raining and in the upper 30s on the day we had tickets for, unfortunately, but we went to a cute little holiday farmers market with my in-laws instead and of course Santa and Mrs. Claus were there. It was in a parking garage to keep the rain off of everyone, if you are wondering about that picture haha. After the market AC, Adeline and I went to the Exchange on one of the nearby military bases and there was Santa #2! So we took more pictures! Adeline was very relaxed and happy both times, it’s been great. I cannot wait for her 1st Christmas on Monday!!!! And then on Saturday the 30th that’s when we will finally get to go to Christmas Town.

Exciting news on the TTC front, I actually ovulated this month! For the very first time ever without having to be on Metformin and Clomid! I am pretty positive I am not pregnant, as I feel none of the signs I did when I was first pregnant with Adeline but I am still very happy that there is hope that I could maybe conceive naturally this go around.


I Just love the holidays! Thanksgiving was Adeline’s 1st time getting to meet many of her relatives since we live 4 hours from all of my side of the family. This year we spent Thanksgiving at my Aunt E and Uncle K’s house out in Northern Virginia. Adeline did great on the drive, it was much easier this second time around going out that way. And for most of the visit, she was in really good spirits. She


was really only fussy towards the end of the night after we had all eaten our turkey and had dessert and everything. My Aunt E held Adeline while AC and I ate and for quite a long time after that, it was very nice to just be able to enjoy visiting with all of my family that I only get to see twice a year on Thanksgiving and Christmas. We drove back home on Friday, so it was a very short visit this year but we managed to also squeeze in a visit with my older brother, who had yet to meet Adeline. We all ate breakfast together and then hit the road. Then on Sunday, we had Thanksgiving dinner #2 at AC’s sister and her fiance’s house.


Adeline was actually pretty cranky for that one. She was not a happy camper right when we first arrived. We managed to get her to take a nap though and she slept the entire time we ate. Once she woke up she was much happier so everyone took turns holding her. She is such a good sport about being passed around and held by new people so far. AC and I tend to butt heads with each other’s parents but both Thanksgiving dinners went pretty smoothly for the most part. Anyone else struggle to get along with their in-laws from time to time? The only real issue I had this year was when AC’s mom asked me if she could carry around Adeline in her wrap when we go to Busch Garden’s ChristmasTown next weekend. Umm, no you may not. That is what I am most looking forward to doing with my baby for her first time seeing all of the lights and decorations. I know it doesn’t sound like a huge thing but she is always stepping on my toes as a new mom, wanting to do things with my baby that I, as a first time mom, should be doing with Adeline. I am really unsure of how ChristmasTown with the in-laws will be. I really just wanted Adeline to experience going there with just me and AC but plans didn’t turn out that way. I will keep you posted on that one…In other news, we put our Christmas tree up! I’ll post some pictures soon of it once I take Adeline’s 6 month photos next week. I can’t believe she is almost half a year old!!

Oh and on the TTC front, no luck this month. AF came on Saturday. 2 to 5 more months before we can get back on Clomid so we will just keep trucking along.