Not Working

Today is CD 17 and 8 days post Clomid. I am supposed to ovulate 5 to 9 days after taking my last Clomid pill, day 9 is tomorrow ūüė¶ It is really looking like I am not going to ovulate this month, at least not this week anyway. Maybe I will luck out and it’ll happen next week, which would be better late than never. I only have until Oct 7th for it to happen because I have to take progesterone on the 8th to induce AF otherwise. My OPK tests are giving me no sign that I will ovulate anytime soon. And here I was, worrying about what size to get my bridesmaids dress in for my friends wedding in January and if I should factor in if I will be a few months pregnant. At the rate I’m going, that wont be an issue.

Done with my first round of Clomid

I just finished my 5 days of Clomid yesterday so it is go time now! While on Clomid I did start getting some hot flashes on days 3-5. I would start feeling really toasty and my face would feel warm. It kind of felt like I had a fever. This experience has given me a small dose of what my mom is going through with menopause. I am hoping now that I’ve finished the pills, that side effect will go away. I also experienced a little bit of cramping but nothing too major. I also started doing OPK tests last night and am going to POS everyday until I see that I am ovulating. I better! I have never in my life yet seen that smiley face on the Clearblue tests, not even a flashing one, it is always blank. And on my cheapo Wondfo test strips it is always one dark line, never the double line, not even a hint of a second line. I would almost be happy if all I did was just ovulate this cycle and get pregnant on the next, just so at least I could see my body is starting to function properly.


Clomid Day #2

Not too much to report but I figured while I have a few fleeting moments I would post an update. I started Clomid on Sunday, woo! So today is the 2nd day I have taken it out of 5. So far I haven’t really had any side effects yet, which I really hope stays that way. I have had some cramping but I am not sure if that is related to my period ending or the Clomid. Work is still insanely busy but we have hired on a new girl to help us out, which I am so thankful for. I am slightly concerned that my doctor said she wasn’t going to do any monitoring of any kind all 3 months and that she would let the specialist handle that if it came to it :/ umm…yeah so if Clomid doesn’t work for me after the 2nd month, I think I’ll be doing the 3rd month with a different doctor. Maybe I will get lucky and this 1st round will be successful, though I have my doubts.

Waiting for CD1

I just finished my 5 days of progesterone yesterday so I’m hoping for AF tomorrow and CD1. Then just 5 days until clomid, ¬†so here’s hoping I can get this show on the road.

Work has been non stop busy and is going to continue that way through November so A and I decided to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary a little early just in case I can’t get off of work next month. ¬†So over the 3 day weekend from the Labor Day holiday we drove to Charlottesville, ¬†VA. I was raised with a love for the mountains, thanks to my dad, so any time we travel somewhere that’s usually a top pick for me.

After we checked into our hotel we headed up to Carter Mountain Orchards to see all the apple trees, ¬†browse their cute country store where we got apple donuts and an adorable Christmas tree ornament of a reindeer, ¬†and then drink some hard cider from Bold Rock’s cidery. ¬†(We get a souvenir Christmas tree ornament on all of our travels). The 2nd day we went to a little festival up on top of a mountain at the Wintergreen ski resort. They had tons of paintings to look at, ¬†live music, ¬†and some handmade crafts for sale. ¬†After we explored for awhile we hit up a few cideries at the bottom of the mountain and some breweries for A. He’d been dying to go to Devil’s Backbone so we made a stop there, before meeting up with some friends for lunch at Blue Mountain Brewery, who were also in the area. They had just gotten engaged the weekend prior so it was fun celebrating with them. Over all it was a great trip, ¬†very relaxing and just what I needed before heading into this insanely busy work time. ¬†I hope you all had a fantastic time off too!



Clomid Consult

Work has been insanely busy and then Saturday husband and I left for a little Labor day weekend trip to the mountains of Charlottesville, ¬†Va. I’ll share about that in my next post. but backtracking, Thursday was my consultation with my obgyn about going on clomid.

It started out pretty stressful. My appointment was for 10:45 am, they called me back fairly quickly up then I just say in a back room for almost an hour! A nurse popped her head in about 30 min in to tell me my doctor had 2 more patients ahead of me,  Umm what?! Needless to say,  when my doctor finally got back to me she was still in a rush and she talked super fast. I was angry with myself for forgetting to bring a notepad to write all the steps down. But if I remember it all correctly here is the plan of action:

‚ÄĘIf I don’t get my period by Tuesday naturally, ¬†Wednesday I’ll start taking progesterone.

‚ÄĘI’ll take progesterone for 5 days and then hopefully AF will come a day or 2 after that.

‚ÄĘOn the 5th day of my period I’ll start clomid and take it for 5 more days.

Then after that, ¬†sex everyday or every other day. ¬†My doctor said it was up to us, ¬†I’m not sure what’s better, ¬†I’ve read people doing both. ¬†And then hopefully, ¬†fingers crossed, ¬†I’ll ovulate. ¬†If all goes according to plan and clomid works for me, I could actually be pregnant by October! ¬†I’m excited but also really scared about that and am starting to worry about if we are really ready for this. ¬†I’m just going to put it in God’s hands and trust that if we are ready it’ll happen. Oh, ¬†also my doctor said we’ll try clomid for 3 months on a low dose and if I’m not pregnant after the 3rd time, ¬†then I’ll be switching to an RE who can safely up the dosage or go on to another plan of action.