A Fluke?

Today is CD 11 of my 2nd cycle with Clomid. I just finished the last of my 5 pills of Clomid on Sunday and started taking OPKs yesterday. Now the weird thing is my temperature had been going up then staying steady until this morning when it drastically dropped. It is way too early for me to ovulate yet! And I know I haven’t because just last night I got a negative OPK, but why did my temp drop today? If AF comes this early I am going to cry. This cycle better not be over already. I shouldn’t be ovulating until at least this weekend. What’s also concerning is on Sunday it seemed like there was some CM but I thought, there is now way that can be right because I has not even done with Clomid yet. Could this just be a weird fluke and my temp will go back up tomorrow? Maybe I just don’t understand how charting my temperature really works but I thought I was slowly getting it. I need this cycle to cooperate, I have only got one cycle left after this before going to a specialist and I would really really like to avoid that. I can’t imagine ending up needing IVF, it is too scary. Although I guess I shouldn’t get ahead of myself, there are still other things to try before going down the IVF path. Ugh and of course just last night my little sister’s friend posted that she and her boyfriend are going to have a baby! Really!? Not married, not even trying to have a baby and she gets pregnant. I wish it was that easy for me…

Dreaded Metformin

Last week was one of the worst weeks I have had since being on Metformin. My stomach was upset every single day that week. How I managed to not take a sick day, I do not know. Thursday was the worst, I even woke up at 1am with my stomach in excruciating pain. I realize now that my stomach was so messed up from the tea I was drinking in the mornings! Apparently black tea has just as bad affect on my stomach as coffee, if not worse, which is saying a lot. Needless to say, I will make sure I am only drinking green teas from now on. Saturday again my stomach was very angry and I realized the sweet and sour chicken I had ordered Thursday night and then ate the leftovers Saturday for lunch was the cause. It is crazy that I have been on Metformin since June now and I am still finding things I can no longer eat or drink. Thank goodness for Imodium, my new bff. Without it, I would have had to cancel AC and my plans to go to Busch Gardens Howl-o-Scream that Saturday night. That paired with tylenol made me feel better and we got to enjoy walking around seeing all of the Halloween stuff there. AC even won me a penguin stuffed animal dressed as candy corn! lol too cute. Oh and on top of the stomach issues, cramping and headaches, Saturday afternoon I also got my period, ugh. I knew it was coming when my temperature dropped .5 degrees that morning but it still really sucked. So today is CD 3 and I’ll start my 2nd round of Clomid this Wednesday. I better ovulate on time this go around!

2 Years

Today is our 2 year wedding anniversary. The time truly has flown by so quickly. Since it is on a Wednesday this year and I have to work until 5:30 we aren’t doing anything too crazy. When I get home from work, we are going to snuggle in with a bowl of chili and maybe watch a Halloween movie. I am also going to show AC (I am going to call my husband AC from now on, A seemed a little confusing) our wedding video! My brother had set up a camera on a tripod to film the ceremony and had never shown us the video until I finally got him to fork it over a couple of weeks ago so that AC and I could watch it on our anniversary. I admit, when I was picking it up from my parents house, I watched it with them…and well…apparently my brother had to move the tripod from close to the center of the aisle to off to the rigimg_20161012_094259_processed-1-1ht so it wouldn’t be blocking the wedding party as we walked so now all you can see on the video is the groomsmen’s backsides! You catch a glimpse of me at the very end when everyone is leaving but that is it! Word of advice, pay for a videographer if you want to watch a video of your wedding later, I really wish I had. I’m hoping AC wont be too upset, but you get what you paid for and this was free :/

On the TTC front, I had to cancel my appointment with my new doctor for Thursday. I was looking over there policies and all the paperwork to fill out before coming in, when I noticed they said they don’t take Tricare Prime. Well we have Tricare Reserve Select so I wasn’t sure if that would be covered or not and decided to go ahead and give them a call to be sure. Turns out, they do take my insurance, which was awesome then while I still had the woman on the line I asked for an estimate of what my copay would be. Thank goodness I did because just for the consultation with the obgyn was going to be $107! This would have been fine if they were going to bill be that later and I could have my insurance cover it but they make you pay upfront before you leave your appointment. I know it isn’t a crazy amount in the grand scheme of TTC but at my current place I don’t have to pay for anything at all or pay upfront and then go through the hassle of submitting a claim to my insurance and wait around to be reimbursed. Long story short, I only have 2 more months on Clomid anyway before I am being switched to an RE so I am just going to stay put since I did ovulate this time and know it can work for me.

A Little Late in the Game

I made an appointment for this Thursday at 10am with a new obgyn. I am hoping for a doctor with a little bit more of a hands on approach who will do all the appropriate testing. This is a smaller place and I really hope I like it there. It’s even conveniently located next to the hospital where my future baby would probably be born at.

This past Saturday I started my progesterone again, per my current doctors orders.  Yesterday, cd 27, I took my 3rd of the 5 pills to trigger my period to come and start my cycle over again soon.  I took it at dinner with my metformin and then my husband and I got in a fight about the dishes ugh,  house chores :p Later, when I was getting ready for bed I took my wondfo opk, I figured why not keep testing until AF gets here even though it’s waayy late in the game. I thought I was kidding myself when there was a second line that showed up!  It wasn’t as dark as the test line though so I took the Clearblue digital test too and saw my very first smiley face indicating that I am finally ovulating!!!! I am so happy my body is finally doing something right.  I’m not going to get my hopes up that this cycle will bring me a baby since it’s cd 28 now and I’m already on my 4th day of progesterone but I have much higher hopes for next month.  And hey,  this cycle isn’t over until AF comes.



My thoughts are kind of all over the place so bear with me (or is it bare?? haha). Anyway, I am really starting to feel like I need to find a new doctor. I don’t think I am getting the care I need at this one, my doctor is completely hands off and has done zero testing through this whole process so far. I feel like just another number to her rather than a person. Granted it hasn’t officially been 1 year of ttc until December but shouldn’t she have run some tests before putting me on Metformin? Or again now that I am on Clomid?? I had some symptoms with Clomid but it is CD23 and I have not ovulated, or at least none of the OPKs have been positive. I wish my doctor would check just to be safe or let me know if I should wait a little longer. I feel like I don’t know what I am doing anymore and am concerned about taking Provera again on Saturday to restart everything when maybe my body is just going a little slower.

Or maybe I am just being paranoid and should wait until this next round of Clomid and then switch doctors if nothing works again? I feel like I am wasting my time by not knowing what is going on with my own body. I am just so frustrated and I think having a different doctor who will keep me more informed and do some checks after each round would be helpful. Is it normal to not be tested for any of this at the beginning except doing your own OPKs? Seems like most other girls blogs I read, their doctors are monitoring them each step of the way.