9 Weeks, a Wedding and Metformin

Today I am 9 weeks and 5 days pregnant. Yesterday was the first time back to my regular obgyn. No more specialist! Though I will miss Dr. P, she was amazing. I haven’t been able to find an OB that I like that is associated with the hospital down the street from our house so I have decided to just keep going to the obgyn I have been going to for a few years now. I talked to my doctor there, Dr. C and she said I could keep coming here until week 20-25 before I really needed to switch if that is what we still felt like doing. I am really not sure anymore. Part of me would rather just drive the extra 20 min to the other hospital so that I don’t have to keep searching for a new place. Baby is doing great so far though! Heartbeat is at 173 and its 20170119_133928-1little hand nub was waving at us, so cute!

On another note, my Metformin had run out and I had procrastinated a few days before trying to refill it at the pharmacy, only to find out I was also out of refills and would have to contact Dr. C. So by the time I did that and picked up the prescription, I had been off of Metformin for probably close to 5 days! I was flying out to TX for my friend’s wedding that Friday, whom I have known my entire life. There was absolutely no way I was taking the Metformin on days where I would be confined in a plane and could only use the bathroom at certain times. Also having to worry about an upset stomach on her wedding day was out of the question as well. I decided it would be safest to just wait until Sunday night when I got back home and could deal with whatever was going to happen. I am glad that is what I decided because the wedding was gorgeous, except freezing cold, and I felt great the whole day and for all of my flights. Sunday night was another story however. I took my Metformin with dinner and felt ok until around 11pm when I had just reached a nice deep sleep only to be awoken by horrible stomach pains.  This went on every night for the passed several nights. I really hope I get used to the Metformin again soon, this drug is the worse. I just keep telling myself, if it will help prevent gestational diabetes, then it will be worth it.