30th Birthday and a Baby Announcement


I had my next doctors appointment this last Friday. I was 13 weeks and 6 days. My coworkers warned me that I wouldn’t get a sonogram every doctors visit and sadly this was one of those times. I was really hoping for another picture but we only listened to the heartbeat this time. It took what seemed like forever to find baby’s heartbeat, it was very low, but once Dr. C found it, it was nice and strong thankfully! It was a pretty quick visit this time, the only other thing we really did was go over what out next appointment will be like and when we should be able to find out the sex. My next appointment in mid March I will get my blood drawn to test for Downs and other issues that could arise and listen to the heartbeat, again no sonogram. Then most likely in April we will finally get to see baby again and hopefully find out if we are having a boy or girl! AC and I can’t wait to find out and get going on the nursery! So far we have 2 other couples we know who are also having babies this year and they both didn’t want to know the sex of their babies. AC and I were kind of amazed by that, no way could we wait all 9 months to find out.

After the appointment I left work early so that AC and I could pack up and head north to celebrate my 30th birthday with my family and best friend over the weekend. My best friend’s birthday is this Tuesday so we both celebrated together Saturday night. It was great! AC and I stayed the night at their house so that Sunday morning she could take our baby announcement photos for us. It is the best having a friend who can take your photos for free. I figured now that I am in my 2nd Trimester and things seem to be going ok, that I would make the official announcement to everyone. I am still scared that something bad could happen but I also didn’t want to let fear make me miss out on celebrating how far we have come and that baby seems to be healthy and strong.