Week 19

How far along? 19w
Gender: I find out tomorrow!

Weight Gain? It is kind of hard to say because I started gaining weight the entire year I went of off BC to try and get pregnant. PCOS caused my hormones to go out of wack. I want to say I might have gained 5-8 pounds since being weighed at the Specialists that first time.

Maternity Clothes?  I only wear maturity pants now, except one pair that are super low rise and don’t get in the way of my belly. I can still wear some regular shirts if they are loose or flowy. I think I am going to just start wearing dresses for the remainder of this pregnancy! They are the only clothes I feel like I look good in.
Stretch Marks? None yet!
Belly button in or out?  In still.
Sleep:  Not going so well. I am starting to wake up multiple times now to pee and I also toss and turn most of the night. If I stay on one side too long my hips start to hurt and I have to rotate to the other side for a bit, then that side hurts and I switch back.
Best moment this week:  I am so excited for my doctors appointment tomorrow where we finally get another ultrasound of baby and get to find out the gender! Oh also, I never updated but I got all of my quad tests back and everything looks normal so far! No sign of Down Syndrome, CF, or any of the other things they checked for.
Symptoms:  Just the not sleeping well and slightly congested but other than that, nothing really. I have been very thankful for a smooth pregnancy so far. My PCOS symptoms have all come back with full vengeance though, but it’s worth it.
Miss Anything?  coffee!  I didn’t miss it at first but recently I have been starting to crave it so much. I know technically I could drink a cup but I just really don’t want to chance it. It makes me paranoid to even consider right now.
Movement?  Nothing yet. I hope I feel something soon.
Queasy or sick?  nope!
Looking forward to? A gender reveal for my parents and in-laws on Saturday! I haven’t seen my parents since my birthday in February so I am extra excited they are coming to visit.
Signs of Labor?  No, thank goodness! I have many more months for this baby to cook.