It’s a…!


AC and I went in for our appointment this past Friday. We got to finally see baby again after what seemed like forever. Everything looked healthy and on track, which really put me at ease. I had so much anxiety right beforehand that something would look wrong. I am glad that wasn’t the case. We were in there a long time actually, our nurse was having a very hard time determining the sex of our baby. The legs were crossed very tight hahaha so modest. The nurse kept jiggling my stomach and moving the wand all around my belly trying to get a good view. But finally she determined, it is a girl! We are so excited and couldn’t be happier! We have decided to name her Adaline.  My parents and AC’s parents all came to our house on Saturday where we did the gender reveal for them by popping a black balloon filled with pink confetti. Everyone was thrilled! It was a lot of fun. I also had baked chocolate cupcakes with pink icing in the center that I shared with my coworkers this morning. Saturday, we also all went over to our local Exchange on base and my parents bought us a carseat and stroller. Just a blessing! And my in-laws had ordered us a crib that they brought over with them. Our little nursery is slowly coming together. I can’t wait to keep decorating it now that we know our baby is a girl. I truly hope all of you get your baby/rainbow babies out there!