My 1st Baby Shower

20170520_115925I am over a week behind on posting this. Things have gotten a little crazy around the house with AC tearing up all the carpet in our house and redoing the hardwood floors that were  underneath. But anyway, Saturday May 20th my Mom, sister and best friend had a baby shower for me at my parents house. The decorations were gorgeous and I was thrilled with how it all came together so nicely. Guests were supposed to arrive at noon but the first guests didn’t start arriving until around 10 min after. I was getting a little nervous to say the least. But everyone eventually did show up and we had a great time playing games and opening gifts. My dad even went overboard and had purchased $10 giftcards to give to everyone in their gift bags! My Aunt S was in town from NY and had baked the cake, cookies, and most of the food as well, she was awesome. Overall it was a great shower 😀20170520_11593220170528_093438

Wednesday was my Glucose Tolerance test. I was so grateful that is was after my shower just in case I had to cut out sweets or something. I have such a huge sweet tooth. I had to take the morning of off work for it, but I am glad I did since the appointment started at 9:30am and I wasn’t finished until 11am. I got the fruit punch flavored glucose drink and was expecting the worst but in reality, it was actually almost good! That probably just goes to show just how much I enjoy really sweet things. While I waited the hour, I did a urine test then went back and got to hear baby girls heartbeat, which is still nice and strong. After the hour was up, I had 3 viles of blood taken because they tested for a whole bunch of other things besides just my glucose tolerance. I didn’t get my test results until 2 days later but I am happy to IMG_20170522_130205_465-1say I passed! No gestational diabetes for me! I was so relieved, I really thought I was going to have it because of PCOS. My next appointment isn’t until June 15th, were I guess I will really hear the doctor say I don’t need to be on Metformin for the rest of my pregnancy! Still not sure how I feel about it, but I am just going to try and enjoy it and not stress about anything going wrong.

This weekend I decided to take on the task of washing all of the baby clothes we got from the shower since my MIL is throwing me a shower June 10th and I don’t want the amount of laundry to get backed up even further. I had 2 loads of baby clothes from this shower alone! Which I am so grateful for, we barely had any ourselves and now we are mostly all set.

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend!

No More Metformin?

Last week I had a routine ob visit, I got to hear baby’s heartbeat again, which was so great and then just chat with Doctor C about what to expect for my next appointment. She also informed me that I wont get to have another ultrasound until week 35! That is forever away. But anyway my next appointment, which is about 3 weeks away now, it the big 1 hour Glucose test, yikes! I am not ready for that and have only heard terrible things about how awful it is. I have to stop taking my Metformin one week prior to the test so that it clears out of my system. Apparently the Metformin would give a false positive of my body being able to process sugars normally since that is part of what it is made to do. If I do pass the 1 hour glucose test though, then Doctor C said I might as well stop taking Metformin for the remainder of my pregnancy because I wont need it. But if I test borderline or fail the test then obviously I will continue taking it as well as having to modify my diet most likely. I have mixed feelings about going off the Metformin if I actually pass the test. My specialist had said to stay on it my entire pregnancy and I am afraid that without it, slowly I will start showing signs of gestational diabetes later on. At the same time it would be a relief and a huge break to not have random weeks of upset stomachs at work. I guess I am getting ahead of myself though and should wait to stress about this after I take the test and get the results 😛


How far Along: 24 weeks and 3 days

Weight Gain: Maybe 10 pounds?

Maternity Clothes: No, I have switched to pretty much living in dresses. They are just so much more comfortable and I feel more confident in them. If you are interested I find my cute dresses at: Wren and IvoryRoolee and Called to Surf.

Sleep: Terrible. I toss and turn all night and have to get up to pee at least twice a night. Doctor C was actually concerned that I am not getting enough sleep this early on and strongly suggested I invest in a pregnancy pillow. I need to get on that.

Best Moment this Week: Actually feeling Adeline move around and her small kicks every so often! I can’t wait until AC can feel her too.

Wedding Rings: Still on, no swollen fingers yet. Twice my left foot has swelled up though. I need to be careful with my salt intake.

Food Cravings: Pancakes! And I have yet to get them.

Anything Making you Queasy: Occasionally I can’t eat chicken, something about it weirds me out. I don’t really feel queasy about it though, just an aversion.

Gender: Girl! and I couldn’t be happier.

What I’m Looking Forward to: My 1st Baby Shower is on May 20th! Just 2 weeks away! My mom, sister and best friend are throwing it and I cannot wait.