Early Arrival

I have been trying to write this post for over 2 months now but life gets in the way. I don’t even know where to begin. My baby was due August 20th but decided that she was ready to meet the world June 5th and life has been a whirl wind ever since…

The Weekend of June 3rd

My sister and her friend came over to my house for the weekend since Saturday, June 3rd was her 28th birthday. I live 40 min from the beach and we all thought it would be fun to go there for it. So they arrived late Friday night and we all just crashed, with plans to get up early Saturday and start the birthday celebrations. Saturday we headed to the Botanical Gardens and walked all around there for several miles. Towards the end of it I was really tired as I was on my very last day of 28 weeks along in my pregnancy. After the Botanicals we got lunch and relaxed then headed off to the beach. Turns out because a section of the beach was closed, we had to hike another few miles to get to the opened section of sand. I was exhausted, all the walking was really wearing me out but I wanted to keep up with everyone so I didn’t complain too much.

Sunday morning, June 4th, as soon as I woke up, I started having some mild cramps. I ignored it because I thought it must have been because I had overdone it the day before with all of that walking around in the heat. So I ignored the slight pain and we did more walking yet again by going to the At Home store and browsing all the furniture and home goods for several hours. When we were standing in the checkout line I just couldn’t take it anymore and was almost in tears so I went out to the car to sit while they finished up. The cramps were still sporadic and felt no worse than bad cramps so I told myself in addition to overdoing it yesterday and now today, being 29 weeks pregnant and entering into my 3rd trimester, this was probably just growing pains. My uterus was most likely just making more room for my growing baby. So we head back to my house and get a pizza for dinner and watch some tv, all the while I am telling them about my cramps coming and going. My sister and her friend left at 7pm to head back home and AC and I decided to call it a night since I was starting to really not feel good. By 9pm we are sitting in bed and I am texting my best friend, asking what contractions feel like, and that I am starting to get slightly worried. She tells me at 29 weeks, not to worry it’s probably braxton hicks but to start timing the cramps if I notice that they seem to be coming at steady intervals. She also mentioned that Braxton Hicks shouldn’t hurt and just feel like a lot of pressure. I was starting to be in quite a bit of pain at that point but told myself the cramps were coming at random and I was just being paranoid. But my 10pm I started timing the cramps because the pain was having me doubled over in bed, I could barely take it. That’s when I realized these “cramps” were every 5 minutes right on the dot. At first I thought this has to be all in my head, that I am causing the pain to come at 5 min intervals (I know, I was stupid and was in deep, deep denial) but the pain became so sever I couldn’t ignore it and woke AC up and said I think we better head to the hospital. AC literally jumped out of bed immediately and we ran around the house in a panic trying to find shoes and car keys. He was very concerned the whole car ride over as I am withering in pain so frequently.

As we got to hospital, AC drove in front of the emergency section and told me to go in while he parked the car, to which I reply, “I don’t think I should be going into the emergency side.” And AC stated “If this isn’t an emergency, I don’t know what is.” Looking back, I can’t believe how much I truly thought that everything was ok and that the doctors would just send me back home telling me to rest and that I just over did it. So anyway, I go sign in and the front desk lady immediately sends someone to come get me with a wheel chair, to which I refuse to sit in of course and just walk along side it to the exam room. By then AC has joined me and the cramps are every 3 min at this point and the doctor who has hooked me up to some monitors informs me that these are in fact contractions and that I am 4 and a half cm dilated! Things start happening very fast after that, and the team of doctors and nurses are whirling around me and administering drugs to try and stop the labor and talking about wanting to transfer me to another hospital 15 min away that is better suited to handling such early babies. I’d never seen AC so pale as he stood out of the way along the back wall not knowing what to do. By the time the doctors checked me again it was about 10:45 pm and I was now 9cm dilated and they informed AC and I that there was no stopping this and it wouldn’t be safe to transfer me anymore, the baby was coming tonight!

I was quickly wheeled down to labor and delivery. It was a humongous room, much bigger than my livingroom, and in the back corner stood a team of people from CHKD, a children’s hospital, that was setting up to be prepared to whisk my baby away as soon as she popped out. I was in so much pain, it was unbearable, I started asking, can’t they just get her out? I need her out now! Someone knock me out, I can’t do this and please, please give me an epidural! AC whispered that it was probably too late for the epidural but thankfully a nurse assured me that it wasn’t and they would give it to me right then. I just remember being hunched over holding onto some kind nurse and wanting to die lol but as soon as they put that needle in my back, relief washed over me. It was the best feeling in the world to have that pain lifted. What was great was that I could still feel my legs and had no numbness whatsoever, just no more pain. Right as they were giving me the epidural I told them I felt the need to push so as soon as I received it they had me move into position to push my baby out. I had to be instructed on how to do everything, I


had no idea what I was doing. Once I got the hang of it I pushed maybe 4 or 5 times before the doctor decided to give me an episiotomy. He said he wanted baby girl to struggle as little as possible being how tiny she was going to be. I didn’t feel anything as he cut me, and at that point I really didn’t care just as long as it was best for my baby. I pushed a couple more times and then there she was! Baby Adeline born at 1:34 am June 5th, 2 pounds 9 oz. Just a mere 3 hours after I had arrived at the hospital.

The doctor held her out to show me her and then informed AC that he couldn’t cut the cord, the doctor needed to do it. Neither of us got to hold her before she was quickly taken to the far end of the room where the CHKD team jumped into action getting her ready to transport. Thankfully before they took her away, AC and I got to reach into her isolette and hold her tiny hands for a moment and then she was gone…



I think I will write about our NICU journey on another post but I’lll just say that after over 2 months of driving to the hospital everyday, our sweet girl came home August 9th! ❤


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