My Birthday and Adeline’s 1st Cold

This Sunday was my 31st birthday! It was pretty great. AC made me a scrambled eggs and toast breakfast then we went to my favorite place, the Botanical Gardens for a walk. It was so sweet, once we arrived there and got Adeline in her stroller, he surprised me with a big picnic basket! We were going to enjoy a picnic lunch amongst the beautiful flowers and lake. AC is not usually the romantic so I was really caught off guard and so happy! It was a bit chilly and 50 degrees but for February, I’ll take it. After walking about a mile and a half we found the perfect spot to lay our blanket down and have lunch. We enjoyed chicken salad sandwiches with macaroni salad and white wine! AC then brought out a huge chocolate and peanut butter cupcake for us to split, it was delicious! I could not have asked for a better birthday! Until nighttime rolled around anyway…

As the day went on AC and I noticed that Adeline was getting crankier and was sneezing and coughing which would also make her nose run. Poor baby. We kind of knew this was coming as AC was just getting over the same thing. I am so sad that Adeline caught it though! It could definitely be worse at the same time, at least it’s not the flu and no fever. We have saline drops, Tylenol, and a humidifier to get her through this. I am hoping she will get better fast, but she has never been sick before so I am not sure. As unhappy as she was yesterday night, this morning she was her smiley happy self despite the drippy nose and cough so I went to work while AC stayed home with her since he had Presidents Day off already and I didn’t. I hate not being there for her but I trust she is in good hands. AC is a combat medic after all, that should help a little.

Also last night I got my period so I will be starting Clomid tomorrow on day 3! It was only the 1st night of being done with my Progesterone so I am surprised it came so fast. I can’t believe we are finally here again! I really hope this 1st round works instead of the 3rd like last time. Fingers crossed!

8 Months, a Birthday, and an Eye Exam

Well there goes another month! Adeline is 8 months old now and I am guessing around 12 pounds at this point. She can sit on her own now unsupported for quite awhile! We are so proud. She is loving all puree foods, the only one she doesn’t like are peas, which I don’t blame her, I hate peas too! But AC mixed some in with some sweet potatoes and she ate the peas without knowing. Parenting at it’s finest 😉 She is still in size 1 diapers and size 3 month clothes. Although I think she will be moving into 3-6 month pajamas soon as she is getting pretty tall for the 0-3 ones. This month I feel like she looks so much bigger and more grown than in her 7 month photos. Time really does go by so fast.


Friday Adeline had another Eye Exam to check how things are developing and to watch out for ROP. This is the first appointment where they didn’t have to dig around in her eyes with scary metal tools. I am so thankful we are past that point! Also, the doctor said her eyes are now looking like normal baby eyes! They have caught up to were they should be and we are out of the woods for her having ROP!!!! We are so happy! She wont need to get her eyes checked again for another year and then after that, just pediatrician appointments! That was such great news. Then this Saturday we all went to one of our friend’s house to celebrate their daughters 1st Birthday. She is the first of our friend group of about 6 babies to turn one, so many more 1st birthdays to come this year. Adeline is actually the next one to turn one of the group! I know it is way too soon, but I’ve already been brainstorming ideas for themes and what she will wear. All of our friends with children Adeline’s age actually live about an hour to an hour and a half away from us. We had to move away when AC decided to work on his college degree and the school he chose was out of the area. He dropped out/took a break when we found out we finally were pregnant with Adeline and he still wants to go back one day but we are looking into being able to move back closer to our friends and family. AC can get the degree he wants by taking online classes and I think that will be a better fit for him and us. It is very isolating being the only ones far away from everyone on a daily basis and we miss out on a lot. So it will be interesting to see where we are in a few months.

On the TTC front, since I didn’t ovulate last month, my cycle hasn’t started over either and I am now 12 days late. I contacted my doctor about all of this and she finally agreed to let me back on Clomid! I had to start progesterone first to get things moving and hopefully that’ll work and then it’s onward to round one of Clomid!