Clomid Round 1 Ending and a Wedding

Well this first round back on Clomid was a huge bust. I didn’t even ovulate so there was zero chance of us getting pregnant this time. I read back on my previous blog posts about the very 1st time I started Clomid and the same thing happened then too, no ovulation. So I imagine I just need a few rounds for it to get in my system and work properly. It took 3 cycles last time to get pregnant with Adeline but I am hoping it will work on my 2nd try this time. I guess we will see soon, I just started progesterone again last night on my CD 26. I was going to take it on CD 25 but I was unaware that my doctor did not give me any refills of progesterone, only the Clomid, so I had to wait a day for my pharmacy to reach out to my doctor and get a new prescription faxed over. Hopefully this doesn’t mess anything up, but I don’t think it will.

On a fun note, this past weekend my sister in law had a special little wedding ceremony so that her granddad could be a part of it. Her big wedding is in May, where Adeline will be a flower girl, but her grandad is 97 and not doing so well health wise so to ensure that he would be a part of it, they had this ceremony for him. So sweet. It was very small and intimate, just the immediate family on both sides. And then we all went out to lunch afterwards to celebrate with the newly wed couple. This Saturday is AC’s 32 birthday on St. Patrick’s Day so we are going to a Brewery to celebrate, there better be green beer! Then on Monday Adeline is starting a new daycare. I am very nervous about this as it is a real daycare with 18 kids all in one room ages 5 months to 4 years old. She was only one of 5 kids at her babysitter’s but unfortunately since AC wmay21 (1 of 1)-74_1521216484668_1521229173115ent back to his old job and this babysitter is an hours drive from both of our jobs and just not practical. I hope she adjusts well to this new place and it is a good fit, but I am hesitant about kids of all ages sharing the same space. I don’t want her to get run over or ignored. I will keep you posted!

Random Adeline development: this past weekend Adeline started saying Da da da da, AC was thrilled and then this week she started saying Ma ma ma! I know they aren’t the real words yet, just sounds, but I love it ❤
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9 Months

tmp_2018030411101487342Yesterday marked Adeline turning 9 Months old! She is getting closer and closer to a year old, time needs to slow down. Adeline is 12 lbs and 6 oz. She can sit independently now, which we are so proud! She is almost army crawling too, she is making new developments so fast now! She gets on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth. She still loves all fruits and veggies but isn’t a fan of yogurt or pureed mac and cheese. She does love pureed chicken though, go figure! She is still in size 1 diapers, which I am thankful for because we have so many boxes of them! She is also still wearing size 3 month clothes but has moved into 6 month pjs as she is too tall for the 3 month ones. She loves babbling back and forth to AC and I and really loves blowing raspberries in our faces…yeah she is a slobbery mess but so adorable. This past month AC, my sister and best friend all took Adeline to the beach where AC is stationed. It was actually 77 degrees out that day in winter! Even though the weather was warm the water was icy cold though. We stuck Adeline’s feet in the water, she was not too happy about that! But she really did enjoy the sand. She has her next RSV immunization next Tuesday and I am hoping it will be her last one. It just depends on if the RSV season ends this month or not but here’s hoping! She is actually starting to tolerate them better though, she will cry initially after the shot but she doesn’t seem to feel bad for the entire rest of the day anymore thankfully. That was hard to watch her go through. This Saturday AC’s sister will be getting married, a little ceremony for their grandpa who caught the flu and isn’t doing well, and then has her big ceremony with everyone will be in May. Adeline is going to be the flower girl in the May wedding but will still dress up and look cute for this little March ceremony. I guess it will be good practice to see how she does. Pictures of that coming soon!FB_IMG_1519574454015_1519577915187

Clomid Crazies

I don’t know how many people on Clomid experience the Clomid Crazies but I do every time and it is the worst! The last time I was on Clomid while trying for Adeline I had the headaches and hot flashes and the moodiness but it just feels so much worse and more intense this time around. This is my 1st cycle back on Clomid and already I feel like my crazy level is at an 11. I intentionally look for reasons to lash out at AC and pick fights with him and I am aware I’m doing it and can’t seem to stop myself! I feel really bad about it. And then I randomly start crying at my desk at work for no reason! It’s just the worst. The only plus this time is I didn’t get the hot flashes this cycle. Anyone else on Clomid and experience the Clomid Crazies? What do you do to help it? I am really struggling and feel awful for AC who has to endure it. It gets to its peak on the day I ovulate, that day I have usually picked a really bad fight and then it’s hard to be in the mood to try for a baby! lol ugh I don’t know what to do with myself. I should be ovulating sometime between Wednesday and Friday, lets hope AC and I make it out alive!