Discouraged. Come on Clomid!

Well I am on CD30 and have yet to find ovulation. I think PCOS is kicking my butt this time around and Clomid just might not be the miracle drug it was for me the first time around. Both the 1st and 2nd cycles I have only gotten the flashing smiley on my clearblue OPKs. I have one more shot with Clomid before I will most likely be sent off again to the specialist. I messaged Dr. C if this round could be monitored to see how my body is actually reacting to the Clomid because I am seeing nothing. Hopefully she agrees to do it. It wont be covered by insurance but neither will the specialist, which I am really afraid about. I really thought that this time around would be like my first and Clomid would get me pregnant fast and we’d go on our merry way, so I am feeling pretty down right now. Thankfully I have my best friend in the trenches with me going through her own unexplained infertility struggles at the same time so that we are constantly building each other up each cycle and being the support we both need. She is ahead of me in her journey though as she is already doing IUIs, this will be her 3rd one coming up and I really pray that it will work for her this time! The only tiny shred of hope I can muster for this cycle for me is that I have read that people with pcos can ovulate way late in their cycle and still get pregnant.  So there’s some tiny chance that it could still happen this time?? Although I am not sure if that is true when you are on Clomid. I have always ovulated around cd17 on Clomid so cd30 seems absurd. I don’t know what our next steps will be so I am waiting on Dr. C’s message. One other thing I am wondering is that I was on Metformin combined with Clomid the first time. Maybe Metformin in the missing key this time around? I dread going back on it but maybe I need to. That’s something else I need to speak with Dr. C about.

Easter, 10 Months and Clomid Round 2

Easter5_1522616324888Easter this year was spent in Colonial Williamsburg. It has become our tradition every Easter to drive the couple of hours in on the morning of and get brunch with both my parents and AC’s parents and then whatever siblings of ours that are available to make the trip. This year my sister joined us and AC’s sister and her now husband came. AC’s mom was sick with the flu and couldn’t make it and his dad stayed in the DC area to be near his father who had caught the flu and then it went into pneumonia and was the reason for Adam’s sister’s early little wedding ceremony that I posted about on my last blog. He sadly just passed away this Wednesday and we will be going to his viewing on Sunday. He was an amazing man who lived to be 97 and outlived 3 wives!

20180401_141110But back to Easter, we all met up for brunch at a little hole in the wall place and caught up with each other and then walked around CW for awhile. The weather was perfect for once, not too hot or too cold. Some of the flowers had even started to bloom and the sheep were out walking around. Unfortunately Adeline was asleep at this point and missed out on seeing them. She did wake up to see the horse drawn carriages go by though. She was not that impressed, little stinker.

On April 5th Adeline turned 10 months old! No longer in the single digits and dangerously close to 1 years old! I know I keep saying this, but time really does fly by so fast when you have a baby. It’s like you blink and they are grown. She had her very last RSV immunization shot this Tuesday, I am so glad those are done. It is heartbreaking seeing her cry each time. Then yesterday she had her 9 months checkup, I know I am very behind! For some reason I didn’t know she was supposed to get a checkup at 9 months and completely missed the boat until I was told about it when I had brought her in when she was sick. (thankfully she is well now!) Anyway, Adeline is 13 lbs, which puts her, even at her adjusted age of 7 1/2 months developed, in the 2nd percentile for weight and 4th for height. My baby is tiny! I was a bit concerned by this but knew it was coming as she still wears some 3 month clothes and is in size 1 diapers at 10 months old. The doctor said part of it, aside from her being a preemie, was probably genetic. Both AC and I are not tall people. She suggested we start feeding her 3 meals of her baby food a day to see if that helps with her growth though. And to start giving her eggs and peanut butter to try and other things like that.


I am just thankful she didn’t say Adeline was Failure to Thrive because despite her small size, developmentally she is doing amazing and not that far behind a regular 10 month old! We discovered just last night that when holding our hands, she can walk! She is moving her feet along and everything! We were so surprised! She stands on her own if she holds onto something so it’s probably not going to be long before she puts 2 and 2 together and is shuffling around while clinging to the furniture. Another big development this month is that Adeline has her 2 front bottom teeth coming in! They have only just broke the surface but they are out. I am thankful they don’t seem to be causing her any real pain yet either.

In my TTC news, I finished my 5 pills of 50mg of Clomid a week ago and have been testing for ovulation ever since. I took them on CD5 to CD10. I have been getting the flashing smiley face on the ClearBlue OPK tests but not the solid smiley face indicating it’s here yet even though it’s detecting something. I am on CD17 today so it better come this weekend! I only have 3 tests left before I have to go spend $40 on another kit, ugh! I have also been getting pretty bad headaches this time around but thankfully not the Clomid Crazies like last month. I know AC is relieved! 😛 Fingers crossed I ovulate soon. Adeline needs a sibling!