Happy Christmas Eve!

20181224_110343I can’t believe it is already Christmas Eve! December always flies by so fast. Especially because it is busy at my work too and then there is gift shopping and all the holiday parties, plus both my mother in law and father in law have December birthdays! Oh and we also go to Busch Gardens Christmastown at least once this month as well. This year we have actually been twice, so much fun! I, unfortunately, have to work a half day today but got to take off Dec 26th and 27th so that we could spend Christmas with my side of the family! Yes, that is right, it is finally my turn again!!! I am so excited to be at my grandpa’s house for Christmas dinner. What are all of your Christmas and holiday plans?


TTC: So we are officially in the 2 week wait. I ovulated on cd 19, which was this Wed. Dec 19th. I am not really feeling any signs yet, but it is only 5dpo so it is still insanely early to start worrying about it. I am just sooo happy this round actually worked since last month was such a huge fail. Although, I am a little concerned because on the night of ovulation I had sever cramping so much so that it was painful to sit down to dinner…and then Saturday morning I woke up to more cramps! Only these morning cramps were so excruciating I was doubled over in agony and had AC get Adeline packed up so he could drive me to the hospital! I took some extra strength Tylenol which helped dull the pain pretty quickly though so at the last min. I had AC turn the car around and go home. Now I am a little concerned I might have Endometriosis or something on top of my pcos and am wondering if I really have a shot at all for getting pregnant this month. I plan on calling my obgyn after the holidays to see if they can test for that, or look into other causes. I will keep you all posted as always.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Clomid for the Last Time

Well, this is it. I just finished my very last dose of Clomid this past Monday. It is kind of scary knowing there will be no next cycle after this one. If it doesn’t work, we move into a gray area and will have a lot of things to figure out on what our next steps will be. I am going to start testing for ovulation tonight, cd 12, just so there is no possible chance that I miss it. If all goes well, I should ovulate sometime between cd 17 and cd 19. We’ll see! It would be the best Christmas gift but I am trying to not get my hopes up…