Spending Valentine’s Day at the Specialist’s

I know it has been awhile since my last update but it took some time before I could get back into finally seeing the specialist and actually having an update for sharing. Yesterday was my 1st appointment back at the specialist’s to see my old RE that I had met with just before getting pregnant with Adeline. I love Dr. P, she is the sweetest and most personable doctor. My appointment actually went very well! She really knows how to put my mind at ease and lift my spirits.

Dr. P said because I was able to get pregnant with Adeline without too much intervention, she didn’t see the need for me to get a hysteroscopy or for AC to need a sperm analysis. She went so far as to say she didn’t see my needing an iui or ivf in the future either! I hope she isn’t building me up too much for this all to come crashing down, but I am excited about all of this again!

My new plan of action is 1st, to just call back in 10 days to make sure all of my test results came back normal. I had to give 7 vials of blood at my appointment yesterday. Once that clears, I wait for cycle day 1 to roll back around. Unfortunately, I am only on cd7 today so it is going to  be a long wait! And I am sure I will need progesterone to get it to restart too, but what else is new. Anyway, I will call on cd1 and schedule an ultrasound for around cd10 or so, I can’t remember. And on cd 3, I will begin taking 2 pills of letrozole at night for 5 nights. This will be my first time with Letrozole but my doctor thinks it is going to be a lot better for me than Clomid was. I hope so! Dr. P is going to give me a mid range dose rather than starting at a low dose. Then during my ultrasound they will measure my follicle sizes and once they get one that is big enough, I will do a trigger shot to induce ovulation and then hopefully in 2 weeks I will be pregnant. I am so excited to finally be having a monitored cycle and to actually see how my body is responding to the Letrozole and what sizes my follicles are. I have never had a monitored cycle before so I am heading into some new territory here but I am trying to stay optimistic with all of this.

More new and better things about this cycle, thanks to being at a specialist vs my regular obgyn, if I do get pregnant, I will immediately start progesterone vaginally to help me from miscarrying. PCOS ups my chances significantly for a miscarriage so I am very pleased that Dr. P is going to be so proactive rather than wait until week 14 to start progesterone shots like my regular obgyn was going to do. I will still switch over to the shots regardless though to help prevent early delivery again since Adeline was born at 29 weeks/28 full weeks. Thanks PCOS for all of these stressors! But I am so excited and hopeful with this new plan of attack. I can see Adeline getting a sibling so much more clearly now! Wish me luck!

Oh and I hope you all had a Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy the random pictures of Adeline, I promise I will do an update on her soon, as she is 20 months now! I cannot believe it! And how cute is her first little pony tail?! She is getting to be such a big girl ❤IMG-a211b6a99e1521016c85ff0df654eb7d-V.jpg