20190516_104211This time last week Adeline and I were in Daytona Beach, Florida! And spent a day in Orlando too. She and I drove up to my parents house last Monday night after work so that my mom, Adeline and I could fly out together Tuesday morning. It was Adeline’s very first flight! We had to


sneak this trip in quickly because Adeline turns 2 years old in June and would no longer fly free after that. She actually did a pretty great job on her first flight, no crying at least! She was enjoying watching us take off out the window until the engines got very loud. That scared her a bit but after being held tight she went to sleep! She slept a good chunk of the time thankfully, because once she was awake she kept kicking the seat in front of her. Which I am sure the person in front of us did not appreciate! Luckily the flight was under 2 hours so it wasn’t too bad and she really did do a great job.

We flew into Orlando, Florida, picked up our rental car and were off to hang out in Disney Springs for a few hours before checking into our hotel in Daytona Beach. I love Disney Springs, AC and I have been there at least twice together. It made me bummed that he wasn’t on this trip with us. Adeline loved seeing all of the Disney character’s in the old part of Disney Springs, and the Dinosaur restaurant and the lego store.


She actually seemed to like all the water fountains the most. Go figure :p The main reason for the trip was to visit my grandpa, my mom’s dad, who turned 90 years old last Thursday! He is in a nursing home and not doing the best so it was nice that some of his kids, grand kids, and great grand children were able to travel in and be with him for his birthday. I am not sure he even knew who I was but he really enjoyed visiting with Adeline and meeting her for the first time. The rest of out trip was spent visiting with all of my mom’s siblings and cousins, going to fun restaurants, playing on the beach, and site seeing a little. Then on our last day we visited Disney Springs on our way out to get some souvenirs and walk around for a couple of hours before our flight. Overall, it was a great trip and I am glad we were able to go and spend that time with my mom and be there for my grandpa on his birthday. I wish the trip was longer, it went by way too fast! 20190514_195101



1st Ultrasound and a High Risk Pregnancy

20190507_080406.jpgThis week was a busy week for doctor appointments. First, Adeline had a hearing test on Tuesday morning. She refused to cooperate on her last appointment so this one was to make up for that one now that she is almost 2 years old. I still can’t believe she will be 2 in less than a month!! I believe she will continually have an annual hearing test like this until she is 5 years old because of the risk from one of the medicines she was administered when she was in the NICU. Anyway, she thankfully passed her hearing test with flying colors and sat still and cooperated much better this time around. The tech administering the test was smart and was distracting Adeline from the ear pieces in her ears by blowing bubbles.

Then Wednesday morning was my very 1st ultrasound for baby #2! I was nervous but I love Dr. P and knew I was in good hands at the specialists. Luckily, right away there was a strong heartbeat at 147 bpm and a tiny little peanut on the screen! It measured at 7 weeks and 4 days, which is right on track. Dr. P also informed me that I was being released back into the care of my regular ob for all future appointments. She thinks I am ready and will be in good hands. She also said that I am to stop my progesterone inserts by Saturday…I was not prepared for that one, it seems so soon! I am very scared about this and really hope my body will be able to pick up the slack and is producing enough progesterone on its own. I guess I just have to trust that it is, I didn’t have a problem with low progesterone with Adeline in the beginning and I only have to go until week 14 without before I start on the progesterone weekly shots. I guess that is when we are switching gears and trying to prevent early labor. So I suppose I should just try and enjoy the few weeks where I am not on progesterone rather than worry. Hopefully this little babe will cook to full term and I will actually get to experience a 3rd trimester this time around! 20190508_111147_1557330718209_1557492025088