Catching up: June & July

20190605_184947.jpgSorry I haven’t posted since May! I had no idea it was that long ago. I have been keeping up reading everyone else’s blog posts but failed to update mine. So here is what has been happening so far!

The very beginning of June, we celebrated Adeline’s 2nd birthday! It went much smoother than her 1st. We definitely learned some valuable lessons from the first one, like not choosing a venue an hour away from home just to make it easier on everyone else! That was the biggest problem we faced last year. This year we chose a nearby park that is under 10 min from our house and everything came together much more easily. We had a really good turn out of friends and family who came, despite the distance they had to drive. And even though it was calling for heavy rain and thunderstorms all weekend, it was a gorgeous sunny day for her birthday at the park!


Adeline has become a pro at blowing out birthday candles since she got a mini cake on her actual birthday plus another cake at her birthday party!

Also in June, Adeline had her 2 year development check that she is required to have every 6 months do to her being a preemie born almost 3 months early. She now weighs 21 lbs and has tested in every category at 24 months or higher! This means she got to officially graduated from needing these checks now that she has caught up! So proud of her.

AC set up a big play house for Adeline in our backyard from my parents. She immediately loved it! We also decided that would be the day to announce to everyone that Adeline would be a big sister in December since I was already 13 weeks.


June has been quite a busy month actually, we also got to take Adeline to the aquarium! She loved seeing all of the fish swimming around and the guy wearing a turtle costume. She was afraid of some of the noises and sounds they played in some areas but overall seemed to really enjoy it! We will definitely be back since a family membership was one of her birthday gifts from AC’s awesome sister! (who by the way, is having her first baby just 3 weeks after I am due!)

For the 4th of July, we chose to stay inside and just have a low key day.

IMG_20190615_210557_788That weekend right before it, we had gone with all of AC’s family to a Lavender Festival and after being in the hot sun for several hours I thought I was going to pass out. 

I was ok once out of the sun and drinking more water, but the whole drive home and for the rest of the evening I had some cramping. After having Adeline so early I was pretty scared that I might have over done it and triggered labor. Thankfully that didn’t happen and though they did last for hours, they didn’t get worse, pain wise. At my next doctors appointment last Tuesday Dr. C said it was probably due to dehydration and to just be careful. I was 16 weeks at that appointment (17 currently). I got to hear the baby’s heartbeat again by Doppler. Still no ultrasound since 7 weeks! grr. Anyway, all was well with the baby though, thankfully and I got more blood draw for the quad tests. This appointment was also the start of my weekly progesterone shots. I got my first one in the back of my left arm, it actually didn’t hurt going in, for being such a thick shot. But it quickly started hurting right after, feeling like I had been pinched pretty badly. Then it got progressively worse and remained sore until about Friday. It is going to be rough getting these every single Tuesday until I am 36 weeks!