4 Months

20200409_195505_capture(0)_1586477888050_1586478154605Aoife turned 4 months old on the 10th. I don’t know officially how much she weighs since her next appointment isn’t until the 24th but i’d guess maybe 12 pounds. Frankly, I am surprised her 4 months appointment wasn’t cancelled due to the Covid 19 lockdown but I guess they don’t want to delay her shots and make sure she is growing good.

Aoife’s Likes: smiling! she is such a happy baby and is so close to laughing. She especially loves smiling and looking at her sister Adeline. She also loves talking, well baby babble, which she does all day long. Once she learns to talk there will be no stopping her!

Aoife’s Dislikes: tummy time! That’s pretty much it. Baths aren’t her favorite but she tolerates them well. And I guess not being held makes her upset some too ever since her Meemaw was over for 2 weeks and barely put her down!

Nicknames: Eevee is what AC likes to call her. Yes, like the pokemon! haha

Weight: I’m guessing 12 pounds but I’ll find out for sure next friday. She was on the very small side last doctor’s visit being in the 7th percentile. She just moved into size 2 diapers though I still put her in size 1s during the day just to use up what we have. She is still wearing size 3m clothing.

Milestones: Aoife rolled over once from her back to her belly. Though she chose to do that for her MeeMaw and AC while I was in the bathroom and missed it! She is also starting to hold her bottle on her own.

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