Life Updates

20200510_182535_capture_158915890529420200520_084952_1589979534625I am pretty behind on Aoife’s 5 months post. At her 4 months check up she was 12 lbs and 22 inches long. She is very small for her size like her sister but is growing at a healthy rate. Not too much as changed from 4 to 5 months. She rolls a lot, loves baby food, laughing at her sister and playing with toys. She is also very very close to being able to sit up unsupported! Maybe by next month.

I am currently working from home, which is challenging with a toddler running around an infant but it is also so great and I am loving it. Especially the part where my girls are both staying healthy and not constantly sick from all the germs of daycare. I am already so concerned with the thought of me having to return to the office and put them back in daycare. Infants have their own scary risks with the Coronavirus. AC thinks he should be working from home through the month of June as he isn’t part of the first phase returning at his work. I think, as long as my work considers infants a high risk, that I shouldn’t have to go back until the last phase in my office. They also factor in those without daycares for their kids too. So those combined should help me to continue working from home for awhile and keeping my kids healthier for longer but we shall see.

In other news, Adeline will be turning 3 years old in one week!!! We will just have a very intimate party of just AC, Aoife, and I, as well as my brother in law, as it is his week to come help with the children while AC and I are working. We are so blessed to have both of our mothers and AC’s brother able to come to our house on weekdays to help with the girls so that we can get our work done successfully. Adeline is definitely a Threenager now! She isn’t afraid to shout NO! or stomp her feet at us when she is angry or didn’t like something. I’ll do more of an update on her for her birthday. She is growing up so fast!


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