TTC # 3

It has been waaay too long. We have mainly just been hunkering down and trying to wait out the Pandemic. AC and I are both still working from home and our girls are not going to daycare. Hopefully by the fall it will be safe enough for Adeline to go to preschool, especially with people getting vaccinated.

But anyway, I figured I would start blogging again to keep track of trying to conceive baby # 3! I am currently on my 1st medicated cycle. After going to my annual check up Dr. C asked about if we wanted any more children and I said yes, we thought we would try for I more before I turned 35 and everything became even harder for me and potentially dangerous since I am already high risk for preterm labor. She agreed and wanted us to start trying on our own for 3 months starting in Dec 2020. December I didn’t even ovulate so that month was a bust. I was frustrated and called Dr. C asking if we could skip the 2 other months since we already know I never ovulate on my own because of my PCOS. She agreed that we could start on Progesterone to restart my cycle since my period wasn’t coming either and then I’d take Femera between cycle day 3-5.

Well the first dose of Progesterone did nothing, which is weird, it always works for me. Dr. C wanted to bring me in to test my BETA numbers to see if I was pregnant even though I was required to take a pregnancy test before starting the progesterone and the home test was negative. I knew it was impossible for me to be pregnant though because AC had just had back surgery in October so we weren’t exactly getting busy lol. So after discussing that with Dr, C she let me take a 2nd dose of progesterone rather than having to come in for an appointment. Thankfully the 2nd dose did work and I decided to take the Femera on CD5. I don’t like that it was up to me to decide at random which day between CD 3 and 5 I would take the Femera. At the specialist they monitor everything and decide for you which date would be most successful… After finishing the Femera you have to start testing for ovulation about 7 to 10 days later. Well day 7 the test was just negative, which was frustrating. Day 8, 9, 10 & 11 the test was flashing, which means it detects the ovulation but it still hasn’t happened yet. At that point I decided this cycle was doomed from the start since the progesterone had so much trouble from day 1. The morning of 12 days after, the test was still just flashing so I decided to take a 2nd test that night and finally I was ovulating! I don’t know if it coming a few days late will effect anything or not. Currently I am in the 2 week wait. So we will see what happens!

Snow Day!