Round 1 Done

My 1st round of Letrozole/Femera failed, well not completely I guess. I did ovulate but then nothing. I really should be taking progesterone to force restart a new cycle but I just haven’t gotten around to it. I need to call Dr. C and see if she’ll up my dose of Letrozole from one to 2 pills since that is how much I was on to get pregnant with Aoife. Hopefully she approves that. Also, I guess I also haven’t restarted my next round because if everything were to actually work out this month, I would have another December baby. I don’t really want Aoife to have to share her birthday with another sibling on top of Christmas and 4 other close relatives on AC’s side have December birthdays as well. I know I shouldn’t care that much about that and just be happy if we can manage to have another baby but it does factor in for us. So I am currently just taking a little break before starting round 2. I only get 3 rounds after all, before I am sent back to a specialist, which is what it has taken to get my other 2 girls.

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