Not This Time

I can’t believe how sure I was that this was it. The implant bleeding on 9dpo really convinced me since I had only experienced it once before when I was pregnant with Adeline. Friday I called my obgyn and talked to a nurse about what I was experiencing and how I was getting negative tests but the nurse said it was still early and to keep testing until this Friday the 30th to be sure…. well turns out none of that mattered because the very next day I got my period and just like that everything was over 😦

The only bright side of this situation would have been that I could immediately start round 3 of femera on Tuesday, today, rather than have to take progesterone and wait for my period to come since it actually came naturally for once. But then I realized that no, that’s not how this was going to go because AC has his summer army training and would be gone all month and wouldn’t be here for ovulation, so there goes this cycle. I have to skip this month and wait until September before trying again 😦 ahhh! Infertility is really the worst.

Still Waiting and in Need of Answers

I am really confused as to what is happening in this cycle. On 9dpo I had been having some cramping and then what I know was implant bleeding. I thought for sure that meant I would get a positive pregnancy test right away and this would be it! But instead I have been getting negative pregnancy test after negative test. I am currently on cd 33 and 5 days past the implant bleeding…I plan to keep testing a few more days for that last shred of hope but I think it should have been positive by now. By Monday if it is still negative I plan on calling my doctor and trying to come in and talk to her about what is going on. When I was trying to get pregnant with Aoife the specialist had me on progesterone inserts right after ovulation to keep my levels up and try to avoid an early miscarriage since we just didn’t know what caused Adeline to be born at 28 weeks. Maybe I should be on progesterone for these cycles too? I know my body did the rest of the work this time, ovulating, implanting, but then if it isn’t sticking around after, why?? I need answers or maybe it’s time to be passed back to the specialist like I am every time before it results in a pregnancy.

Round 3

Ok so not a lot has happened since I posted in March which is why I haven’t been updating. After the first round of Femara didn’t work I decided to stop round 2 until I was able to get my covid vaccine. It was just a personal choice that I felt would be best for myself, my family, and my potential unborn baby if I managed to get pregnant during the pandemic. I wasn’t able to get my first dose until late April and then my 2nd dose mid May. So I want able to start my 2nd round of Femara until just last month in June. After jumping through all of the hoops of taking progesterone, waiting a week and then taking Femara on cd4 then waiting another week to test for ovulation, I ended up being out of town and the whole cycle was scraped!

So now I’m currently in round 3 of Femara but really round 2. I’ve just started the 2 week wait so we’ll see what happens!

Last month Adeline turned 4 and will start preschool in the fall! So hard to believe, she is growing up so fast. Aoife is a year and a half and is running, jumping, climbing and saying short sentences and so many words! Seems like she is learning several new words a day!